See’s Candy Gift Certificates

RECCSF is taking orders for See’s Candy one-pound gift certificates at the discounted price of $17 each. Order by mail. Certificates will be distributed at the Dec. 13 Holiday Party.

If you wish your certificate(s) mailed to you, please check the box below, include 50 per certificate in your check, and make sure to write your address on the order form. Do not send an envelope—we can’t use them to mail the certificates.

Certificates not being mailed will be available at the Dec. 13 Holiday Party.

We do not order actual boxes of candy—only gift certificates.

All orders must be received by Wednesday, December 6, and accompanied by a check.
No exceptions!

Questions? Contact Sue Blomberg at or 1 (415) 221-9731.

See’s Candy Order Form (Please print!)



Phone: ______________________________________________________________________________

Number of one-pound certificates: ______________________@ $17 per certificate = $ ____________________

Attached is my check payable to RECCSF, in the amount of $ _______________

Mail order form and check to: Sue Blomberg, 4819 Anza St. San Francisco, CA 94121.

❏ Please mail my certificates to the address below. I have included 50 per certificate in my check.

Street address _________________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________ State _____________

Zip Code_________________